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using experience gained on over 3,000 projects for 700 clients, involving capital works valued in excess of 50 billion dollars. ivan has been proven on numerous projects of great variety and sophistication.

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The essence of ivan is that it allows the project manager to programme in a natural way using computer graphics to represent physical programming tools. Schedules and networks are drawn directly on the computer screen using a mouse, pull-down menus and tools. This minimises the time-consuming and complex keyboard operations required by other scheduling systems. ivan interactively analyses, monitors and modifies the schedules, and produces the resultant networks in superb, high-impact, full-colour presentations.

ivan's user friendly advantages
  • easy to learn; competant within 2 hours of initial training
  • easy to use, but flexible for use on highly complex projects
  • superb full-colour presentations to Boards and clients
  • advanced graphical user interface yields considerable time savings
  • comprehensive critical path analysis and resource management
  • detailed project status reviews comparing actual to planned performance
  • unlimited hierarchies of projects and sub projects
  • highly accurate - "What You See Is What You Get"
  • multiple reporting options

Excellent Presentation

What is drawn on the screen is what is printed. Full colour schedules can be produced at any size and to any level of detail, with customised grid formatting, calendar alternatives, numerous font options and full drafting facilities.

Total Layout Flexibility

The predetermined formats of traditional scheduling systems have been removed. The user can format a network without these restrictions, and there is no limit to the number of activities that can be placed on one line of a schedule. Concise information means clear communication.

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Logical dependencies are easily drawn between all activities in any programme in any project. CPM calculations can then be performed across all activities in multiple programmes, providing one overall logical network. Alternatively, CPM calculations can be restricted to a specified sub-project. ivan's interactive features allow quick and easy "what-if" analysis of networks.

Date Highlighting

Regions of the grid can automatically be shaded to denote, for example, non working days such as weekends and holidays.


ivan tools include the Pen, Scissors, Copier, Eraser and Magnifier. They act within the ivan workspace in the same manner as their namesakes in the real world.

Legends and Diagrams

Schedules can be annotated with diagrams and pictures so that plans and layouts can be clearly described and illustrated.

Layout Features

ivan provides a variety of drawing features to add in the layout and appearance of a schedule including automatic cascading and alignment of activities.


ivan allows numerous alternative calendars to be used, which can then be allocated against projects, sub-projects or resources, giving total flexibility over schedule dates.

Clear Display of Project Status

The progress and current status of activities can be shown graphically. Multiple status lines can be saved against a timescale, so that the historic actual progress against the plan is monitored and clearly illustrated. Status can also be displayed on individual activities.


Resource allocation, analysis and profiling in ivan is powerful, easy to use, and highly effective.
Resource profiles can be overlaid directly on the timescale network, thus making the job of levelling and general manipulation much simpler.

  • Projects can share an unlimited number of resources. As well, an unlimited number of resources can be allocated to each activity.

Programme Hierarchy

Schedules can be prepared as a network of tasks in a top-down structure of unlimited layers of detail. Individual activities is a programme can be the sum of a sub-network, and resources span both sub-projects and projects. This allows instant selection of relevant information for various audiences.

  • Resource profiles can be displayed on individual activities, highlighting each activity's contribution to the overall profile.
  • As networks are manipulated, profiles are automatically adjusted and displayed.
  • Resources can be allocated in a variety of distributions including constant, sine, and increasing distributions.
  • Activity duration can be fixed or driven by the quantity/rate equation.


ivan reporting includes an easy to use on-screen preview of each report. A wide range of reports are available such as Activity Listings, Details of Dependencies, Resource Allocations, and Resource Cash Flow Reports. Additional custom-made reports can be extracted from ivan's industry standard dBase® format data files using standard third-party report writers such as Crystal ReportsTM.

ivan Support

The information Technology Division of McLachlan Group has been developing ivan since 1986. McLachlan Group provides excellent technical support, comprehensive on-site training, regular ivan upgrades and on-going assistance to ivan licensees.

Technical Details

Recommended Minimum System Configuration
Microsoft® WindowsTM Environment

  • IBM compatible computer using Pentium microprocessor or later
  • 8 Megabytes of random access memory (RAM)
  • Super VGA colour monitor
  • 10 Megabytes of available hard disk space
  • Microsoft Mouse® or compatible pointing device
  • Microsoft® WindowsTM

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