About McLachlan Software

McLachlan Software is the information technology company within the McLachlan Group.

Our key software product is the project scheduling software ivan which runs on personal computers running Microsoft Windows. ivan is unique in it's ability to display compact, attractive project schedules that are superb for both board room level presentations as well as on the job monitoring. Part of the reason for this is that rather than just being a software company deciding to develop project scheduling software, our parent company employed project management experts who used the software we developed to do their work.

McLachlan Software staff have also been involved in developing database applications for managing project information and maintaining Herd registries for cattle breeders. Software has been written accessing a number of databases. Our latest developments in this area use the Python Object Oriented programming language to provide web based interfaces to SQL backend databases.

As well as software development McLachlan Software staff have a extensive experience configuring and managing networks. We have administered Windows networks linking different states and linux networks between multiple buildings. We are able to provide advice, recommendations and/or configuration and monitoring expertise in everything from connecting to the internet and configuring firewalls, web servers and mail gateways through to basic network management and monitoring.

We welcome your enquiry regarding any of your software or network management needs.