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Talis Twilight L962

[ pedigree ]

This is one of those opportunies to secure a female who has been shown twice and taken out Grand Champion Female and Supreme Exhibit titles at 14 and 16 months of age.

Talis Twighlight is a stylish heifer that has thickness, conformation, softness and good cosmetics while maintaining the refinement through the front end. To highlight the depth of her genetics in this offering, Twighlight's mother was Junior Champion at Brisbane Royal and Supreme Exhibit at the Hereford Feature Show at Melbourne Royal as a Junior.

Twightlight has been AI'd to Yarrandibbie Jingle J18 on 9/10/2016

Supreme Exhibit - Melbourne Royal 2016

Grand Champion Female - Melbourne Royal 2016

Junior Champion Heifer - Melbourne Royal 2016

First Place, Heifer 12 To 16 Months - Melbourne Royal 2016

Grand Champion Cow or Heifer - 2016 Royal Queensland

Junior Champion Heifer - 2016 Royal Queensland

First Place, Heifer 12 months and under 14 Months - 2016 Royal Queensland

Talis Twilight L962
Tag: AISL962
Breed: Hereford
Born: 30 Jun 2015
Sex: Female
Location: Southern Highlands
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EBV NameCalv. Ease Direct (%)Calv. Ease Dtrs (%)Gest. Len. (days)Birth Wt. (kg)200 Day Wt. (kg)400 Day Wt. (kg)600 Day Wt. (kg)Mat. Cow Wt. (kg)Milk (kg)Scrotal Size (cm)Days to Calv. (days)Carcase Wt. (kg)Eye Muscle Area ( Fat (mm)Rump Fat (mm)Retail Beef Yield (%)


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